Does Hoka Make Steel Toe Shoes? A Look at Hoka’s Work Shoe Options

Hoka One One has become one of the most popular athletic and running shoe brands in recent years thanks to their maximalist cushioning and vibrant colorways. But does Hoka offer any steel toe work shoes or boots for jobs that require protective footwear? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at whether Hoka makes steel toe shoes and review some of the work shoe options they do offer.

What are Steel Toe Shoes?

Before exploring Hoka’s work shoes, let’s quickly go over what steel toe shoes are. Steel toe shoes, sometimes called safety toe shoes or work boots, have a reinforced toe box that helps protect the wearer’s feet from impact or compression injuries.

The steel toe cap guards the foot against falling or rolling objects, making steel toe footwear mandatory for many industrial workplace environments under OSHA regulations. Steel toe boots can prevent serious injuries like broken toes or metatarsals when heavy items drop on feet.

Popular brands like Timberland, Caterpillar, and Red Wing offer sturdy leather and rubber steel toe boots designed for work sites. The steel reinforcement adds weight and bulk to the shoes though, making them impractical for athletic use.

Does Hoka Make Steel Toe Shoes?

So does Hoka join those work boot brands in making safety toe footwear? The answer is no. Hoka is primarily an athletic and running shoe company, not a work boot brand. They focus on lightweight performance shoes with maximum cushioning, the opposite of heavy-duty industrial footwear.

Hoka does not manufacture any shoes with steel or composite toe caps that meet ASTM safety standards for impact and compression protection. The lightweight nature of their shoes and focus on cushioning over protection means Hoka is not the ideal brand for occupations requiring reinforced steel toe footwear.

What Work Shoes Does Hoka Offer?

While they don’t offer safety toe shoes, Hoka does produce some footwear options suitable for jobs that don’t require protective steel toes but still demand comfort, support, and slip resistance.

Two of the most popular Hoka work shoes are:

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi 2 Work Shoe: This rugged lace-up work shoe has oil and slip resistant outsoles, breathable mesh uppers, padded ankle support, and Hoka’s signature cushioning to reduce fatigue. It meets ASTM F2892-11 standards for slip resistance.

Hoka Tor Summit Mid Hiking Boot: With DWR treated leather uppers, Vibram outsoles, and shock absorbing midsoles, these mid-rise boots provide support, traction, and comfort on the job. Their hiking boot design works well for active jobs like construction and landscaping.

While not safety toe work boots, these shoes deliver the cushioning and comfort Hoka is known for in footwear designed for jobs that require standing, walking, hiking, or working on slippery surfaces. They provide an alternative to traditional clunky work boots for those who don’t need toe protection.

Key Takeaways: Does Hoka Make Steel Toe Shoes?

  • Hoka focuses on athletic shoes and does not manufacture safety toe work boots or shoes.
  • Steel toe caps add weight and reduce cushioning, the opposite of Hoka’s shoe design goals.
  • Hoka offers some slip resistant, cushioned shoes suitable for jobs without steel toe requirements.
  • Options like the Tor Ultra and Tor Summit boots provide comfort and traction for active workers.
  • For occupations with toe protection needs, brands like Timberland or Red Wing are better options.


While Hoka is beloved for its well-cushioned athletic and running kicks, the brand does not offer steel or composite toe shoes that meet workplace safety standards. Hoka focuses on lightweight performance footwear rather than protective work boots.

However, shoes like the Tor Ultra work shoe and Tor Summit boots provide Hoka’s signature cushioning and comfort in footwear built for traction, support, and resisting slips. For jobs that don’t require reinforced toes but demand workers be on their feet, Hoka’s work shoes can provide all-day comfort.

For occupations with steel toe requirements, traditional sturdy work boot brands are better options. But if you prefer athletic shoes and are not required to wear safety toe caps, consider Hoka’s work shoe lineup for optimal comfort at work.

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